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Frequently Asked Questions
This information applies to Village of Cold Spring residents only.

How do I contact the Building Inspector?
Office hours are between 10:0 am and 4 pm on Wednesdays. Appointments for inspections or to discuss a project can be made by sending an email to

If I am required to complete a Building Permit Application what needs to be
Please complete a Building Permit Application and return it to Village Hall or send it through
the mail to William Bujarski, Building Inspector, 85 Main Street, Cold Spring, NY 10516.
Applications should be accompanied by:
        1) application fee made payable to the Village of Cold Spring
        2) any plans, sketches, etc. to illustrate the intended work.

As applicable, the Building Inspector will:
        1) deny the application and direct you to the applicable village Board (Planning, Zoning and/or Historic District Review Board)
        OR will instruct you to go to step # 2 as follows:
        1) Require balance of appropriate fee, if any.  
        2) provide proof of worker’s compensation insurance
        3) a list of contractors and their Putnam County license number
        4) three complete copies of plans stamped and signed by a licensed New York State P.E. or
            Licensed Architect
        5) If the applicant is not the property owner, a letter authorizing this project should be submitted
            with the application.

Do I need a permit to erect a shed or a fence?
Please submit a description of the proposed shed or fence and the location in relation to property boundaries to the Building Inspector and you will be advised of any additional permits that will be required.

I need to obtain a dumpster for my construction project, is a permit required?
If a dumpster is placed on private property, no permit is required. If it is necessary to
place a dumpster on Village streets, a Dumpster Permit must be completed and submitted
to the Building Department. Also, the carting company must supply a certificate of insurance
listing the Village of Cold Spring as an additional insured. Application fees are listed in
Chapter 48 "Dumpsters" for additional information.

What codes and regulations apply to building projects?
Applicants must comply with New York State Uniform Fire Prevention and Building Code
and the Energy Conservation Construction Code, Village of Cold Spring Code

Does a building permit expire?
Per Village Code, the Building Inspector shall require that the construction authorized by any certificate, permit, license or other document shall be completed within two years.

Are there additional requirements for a project?
After receipt of your Building Permit, please post the permit upon the premises and comply with
the listed inspection schedule. After final inspection, it is necessary to apply for a
Certificate of Occupancy. This application should be submitted to the Village Clerk.

For what reasons would my application for a building permit be denied or referred?
Applications can be denied or referred by the Building Inspector if the Village Code requires approval of the project by a specific board -e.g. Planning Board, Historic District Review Board or Zoning Board of Appeals. The Building Inspector will notify you in writing of these requirements.

If a certificate of appropriateness from the Historic District Review Board is
required, how should I proceed?
If your property is located within the local or national Historic District, a certificate of
appropriateness will be required for exterior changes to your property. In order to obtain
a certificate of appropriateness, you must submit an application accompanied by the
Building Inspector’s written referral for review by the Historic District Review Board
(HDRB). Applications should be submitted at Village Hall and should provide enough
detail to give the board a clear picture of the proposed project. Photographs of the
building along with catalog cuts and drawings of the work intended showing all materials
involved are required. At this time, no fee is required to obtain a certificate of
appropriateness. A five member board will review your application at a public meeting
to determine compliance with established guidelines and criteria. Please review the
instructions for completing your application. The deadline for submittal of applications
is the last Friday of each month to allow publication of the board’s agenda in the
designated newspaper. Meetings are held at Village Hall on the second Wednesday
of each month at 8 pm. Applicants should attend the meeting to discuss their project
with the board. Informal workshops that allow applicants additional time to discuss their
proposal with members of the HDRB can be arranged by contacting the Village Clerk.
Workshops are generally held on the last Wednesday of the month, by appointment only.
After your application is approved, you will receive a written certificate of appropriateness
in the mail from the Chairman of the HDRB. It is then necessary to obtain a Building Permit
from the Building Inspector.

If my application was denied because my project does not comply with the Village of
Cold Spring Zoning Codes, how can I appeal this decision?
In order to appeal a decision of the Zoning Enforcement Officer (Building Inspector) you
must obtain a denial letter from the Building Inspector or a referral from the Planning
Board.The Inspector's letter will provide the specific section of the
Village of Cold Spring Zoning Code that your project does not comply with. To appeal this
decision, a completed Zoning Board of Appeals application with all required submissions
should be given to the Village Clerk at Village Hall, 85 Main Street, Cold Spring, NY 10516.
In addition to your application you will be required to establish an escrow account with the
Village Treasurer. Please refer to Section 134-25 and 134-28 of the VIllage Code for additional
details. Applicants must submit their zoning appeal application within sixty days after the
Building Inspector has filed his/her decision. Initially your application will be reviewed by a five
member board at a workshop meeting, held on the first Thursday of each month at 7:00pm
at Village Hall. At the initial meeting, board members will determine if your application is
complete and if the requested variance, special permit or request for an opinion is clearly
stated. Applicants are invited to attend this meeting and may be asked to provide additional
details to their applications. Once it is determined that your application is complete, a public
hearing will be scheduled and announced in the legal section of the PCN&R. You will receive a
copy of this public hearing notice, and applicants are responsible for notifying all
neighboring owners, including all abutting properties and the property directly across
the street, of a scheduled Public Hearing. Notice should be given by certified mail
return receipt. You must present these receipts to the board at the public hearing.
During the hearing, the applicant and interested parties will be given the opportunity to present their
support or objections to the application before the board. Within sixty-two days after
the close of the public hearing, the board will make a decision. Copies of the decision
will be sent in the mail to applicants and will be forwarded to the Building Inspector.
Village Code requires that the applicant obtain a building permit within one year of
the date of the variance issuance or all variances will become null and void. Additional
information to familiarize the applicant with the zoning process and the criteria used for
ZBA decisions is available in the James A. Coon Local Government Technical Series.

If my building permit is denied because Planning Board approval is necessary, how
should I proceed?
The five member Planning Board meets on the first Wednesday of each month at 7:00 pm at
Village Hall and invites applicants to attend this meeting to provide a general
introduction to their project. It is not necessary to have an appointment or to provide
detailed drawings or designs at this initial meeting. The meeting will provide an opportunity
for the board to inform applicants of required submissions and to arrange for a workshop
meeting to review their project in greater detail. Additionally, the checklist provided in
the Village of Cold Spring Zoning Code Section134-27C (5) a & b is helpful in determining
items that are useful for planning review. In order to comply with New York State regulations,
certain applications/ activities require an environmental impact assessment by the Planning Board.
To obtain additional information about this process (SEQR) or for environmental assessment forms
If an applicant is not the owner of the property in question, then a letter authorizing the
applicant to make an application to the Planning Board must be submitted. For certain
projects, the Planning Board will utilize the services of a consultant, such as an engineer
or attorney. The cost of these services is covered by the applicant, and the Planning Board
will notify applicants to establish an escrow account with the Village Treasurer to pay for
consultant services.

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