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Welcome to the official website for the village of Cold Spring, New York
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Frequently Asked Questions
Do we fluoridate the drinking water?
No. The proper dose of fluoride can be administered more effectively with supplements.
Research has shown that too much fluoride can damage tooth enamel and cause mottling of the

How do I find out about the quality of my drinking water?
The Village of Cold Spring issues an Annual Drinking Water Quality Report that includes a
thorough analysis of the Village of Cold Spring’s drinking water.

Why is my water discolored?
The most common cause of water discoloration comes from iron corrosion in the Village’s one
hundred year old water system. Adjustments are made at the filtration plant to limit the release of
iron deposits. The adjustment of pH, as well as the addition of zinc orthophosphate, helps to
reduce discoloration. During a fire event or a hydrant flush, the resulting increase in water flows
can disturb deposits in the system and may cause temporary discoloration. Residents
experiencing discoloration are instructed to run the cold water tap until their water clears.

I washed my laundry after a hydrant flush and my white clothes have brown spots. Is there
anything I can do to remove them?
Laundry that has been stained with iron deposits should not be placed in the dryer. The clothes
should be re-washed with a stain remover such as Red-B-Gone

Why does my water look “milky”?
“Milky” water is usually a result of entrained air, which is not harmful. A quick test to determine
the presence of entrained air is to fill a clear glass with water and set it on the counter. If you
observe the water clearing from the bottom up, then entrained air is the cause of the milky

How do I know how much water I use?
Your water bill will show water consumption for a three month period. If you divide this number
by 92 you can determine your daily consumption. The average daily usage per person is 70-100

Where is my water meter located?
The water meter is located adjacent to the water pipe where the pipe enters the building, usually
in the basement. The small rectangular device located on the outside of the building is called a
remote reader and allows the water meter reader to obtain a reading without entering your
building. Readings are taken every three months commencing on January 1st.

How do I determine if I have a water leak?
First turn off all household appliances that use water, then observe the actual meter. If the small
red paddle wheel on the face of the meter is turning, then you have a leak. If outside assistance is
needed to repair a leak, then residents should contact a plumber.

If I am selling my property should I contact the Village?
A week before closing, please contact the Village office at (845)265-3611 to arrange for a final
reading. It will be necessary for a water department employee to enter the basement of your
property. The Village requires that someone be present during inspection which will take
approximately ten minutes. In addition, an adjustment sheet will be faxed to your attorney.
Please be prepared to provide the phone and fax number of your attorney when contacting the

Sewer Department Questions and Answers

What items should not be flushed into the sewer system?
It is not recommended to flush household grease, oils or other fats into the sewer system as they
congeal and can clog either the household line or the sewer main. The Village of Cold Spring Sewer Code requires commercial properties to have and maintain a grease trap. Also, disposable wipes are not disposable in the sewer system. They take years to decompose and can clog pumps and block lines.

Does the village allow storm water to enter the sewer system?
No. The sewer system is designed to accept only waste flow. Storm water via roof drains,
gutters, basement floor drains and sump pumped water must be disposed of separately.

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