COVID-19 Update from the Village

As we deal with the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, the Village reminds residents of the following:

  • Tot's Park is closed until further notice
  • All non-essential gatherings of individuals of any size for any reason are temporarily banned
  • United Way 2-1-1 Coronavirus info line is now active for Putnam County.  If you have important Coronavirus Questions – Call 2-1-1.  For Medical Questions – Call 9-1-1.  For more on this please visit the Putnam County Department of Health website at
  • Do not flush Disinfectant and Baby Wipes down the toilet.  This increases the risk of clogged sewer pipes and septic tanks.
  • Check on your neighbors that may be most at risk during this critical time.  A simple phone call is the best way to make sure they are okay and have everything they need.
  • Social Distancing works

For the latest updates please check the NY State website at or the Putnam County Department of Health at

Just a reminder, Village Hall will remain closed to the public for the forseeable future.  This includes the Justice Court and Registrar.  Messages and emails are checked regularly so call us at 845-265-3611 to leave a message or send an email to the Village Clerk at